May 26, 2024
Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship 2023

Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship 2023 in the United Kingdom is available for this year’s academic session. And it’s a fantastic opportunity for UK or international students of any nationality looking to study in the UK.

Applicants from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. This fully-funded scholarship is intended to assist and encourage those groups to pursue postgraduate studies in an international setting. The following fields are covered in master’s level courses: artificial intelligence, computer sciences, and machine learning.

These scholarships encourage black students and female candidates, who are underrepresented in the aforementioned fields of study. As a result, eligible candidates should not pass up this opportunity because the lucky ones will secure their spots.

The Queen Mary University of London scholarship represents a substantial investment in your future career. The generous scholarship packages help you in every way, whether it’s personal development or professional growth. By empowering our society’s oppressed strata, the university hopes to create an inclusive environment for all. It is intended to foster cherished cultural diversity by providing distinct study areas.

Students and faculty feel fully nourished by participating in various educational activities, and they are proud to be a part of the world’s best university in the United Kingdom. The university’s goal with these UK scholarships is to make the world a better place by creating new avenues of knowledge, challenging existing knowledge, and engaging everyone at the local, national, and international levels.

About the Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship 2023

Deadline: 5 June 2023

Level: Masters

Country: All
Course: MSc in Artificial Intelligence (FT) MSc in Computer Science (FT) MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics (FT) MSc Computer Games (FT)
No. of awards: 5
Value: Each DeepMind Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees, £12,250 (International fees – £28,950), a living allowance of £15,480, an annual £2,200 travel scholarship and a one-off equipment grant of £1,700.

The fully-funded international scholarships for international students in Europe are centered on upholding the proud tradition of nurturing and persuading talented students and faculty members from all political, economic, cultural, social, and other backgrounds. Through constructive dialogues, the scholarship aims to strengthen vital connections between local and global communities. The scholarship program is based on working together to eliminate differences. People associated with the university have aspirations that are ambitious, innovative, and creative.

They respond to new developmental paths with positive imaginations while also furthering the University’s mission, vision, and academic goals. A platform like this is designed to foster a collegial community by encouraging openness, understanding, cooperation, listening, and co-creation of the collegial approach.

The Queen Mary University of London DeepMind scholarship is provided by upholding the highest ethical standards and integrity in all aspects of the organization’s operations. Throughout history, the university has fostered a climate of social justice and improved the lives of communities by instilling academic excellence values. People are forced to think outside the box by engaging in challenging activities, and when their opinions collide, disciplines interact, and perspectives intersect, refined and accurate thinking emerges. Furthermore, people will gain valuable experience working with people of all ethnicities and developing viable solutions to every prevalent global problem. This is an excellent opportunity to travel to a land filled with breathtaking scenery, flowing mountains, and refreshing beaches.

Courses Available:

  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence.
  • MSc in Computer Sciences.
  • MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics.
  • MSc Computer Games.

Eligibility criteria for Queen Mary University DeepMind Scholarship

To be eligible to apply for a DeepMind Scholarship you must:

1. Be a UK or International student.

2. Identify as female and/or are of Black ethnicity – each being underrepresented groups in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

3. Have a confirmed offer to study on one of the following programmes in September 2023: MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Full Time), MSc Computer Science (Full Time), MSc Computer Games (Full Time), MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics (Full Time), MSc Robotics (Full Time) at Queen Mary University of London.

Application process

1. First, please check your eligibility to apply. The panel will not consider any applications that do not meet eligibility criteria, and awards may be withdrawn if applicants are later found not to have met eligibility criteria or to have provided false information.

2. Please download and complete the DeepMind Scholarship Application Form 2023 [DOC 32KB].

3. To complete your application, you will need to provide:

  1. A copy of your offer letter to study on one of the following programmes at Queen Mary: MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Full Time), MSc Computer Science (FT), MSc Computer Games, or MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics (FT), MSc Robotics (FT) programme.
  2. A completed application form, including a short statement of no more than 500 words detailing why you should be considered for the award and what motivated your interest in this area of study at Queen Mary University of London.
  3. A CV

4. Please send your completed application form, offer letter from the university and CV to [email protected]. Please label all your documents with your first and last name. 

A selection panel will shortlist applications and take a final decision on which five students will receive the award. Applicants will receive notification of the outcome by 31 July 2023.

Visit our DeepMind Scholarship pages for more information about the programme at Queen Mary.

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