May 27, 2024

About us

By immigrants and for immigrants, PenFilled Blog is a place created for people like you who are interested in working, studying, or living abroad, but who have no experience navigating the choppy waters of the immigration process.

We cover the topics of Visas, Immigration, Overseas Employment, Living Abroad, and Studying Abroad.

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As immigrants ourselves we have gained critical knowledge of how the system works. We wish to transmit this knowledge to you by providing a large number of resources to aid your quest for a new life. We also strive to keep up to date with the most recent advancements and changes to the immigration system, allowing you to have everything you require at the click of a button.

To this effect, you will find a wide selection of topics on our site, ranging from Education and available scholarships and programs to Employment, which will allow you to register your resume while making it visible to employers around the country.

Immigration does not have to be a tedious affair, and the best way to go about it is armed with all the information you can find for free at PenFilled Blog.

Take a look around, we are sure you will like what you see!