April 14, 2024
Emil Săndoi, disappointed after the failure suffered by Romania against Ukraine at the EC U21

Romania’s under-21 national team also lost the second game of the European Championship, against Ukraine (1-0). The tricolors’ game did not convince this time either, and Emil Săndoi was very disappointed at the end of the Group B game.

Emil SandoiPhoto: Flaviu Buboi/NurPhoto / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

Romania, unsuccessful at EC U21 after the first two games

Romania U21 failed to get the first points from the European Championship and remains with only mathematical chances to qualify for the quarterfinals.

The tricolors were visibly affected by the stinging defeat they suffered in front of Spain (3-0) and they also played quite modestly against Ukraine, who controlled the dispute.

At the end of the game, Emil Săndoi found it difficult to find his words, his team being without a scored goal after two matches at the European under-21.

“In the first minutes we had two or three opportunities to score, the dates of the problem would have changed. Sorry, looks like we don’t stand a chance. We scored in the 90th minute, from a deflection at the end.

Ukraine were all over us in possession, maybe they had the more clear-cut chances, but we also had chances in key moments of the game. It was Octavian Popescu’s shot right before the opening of the scoring.

It hurts, but I say we’re up in our game. Now we understand what this level of competition means. Not having a qualifying campaign, we were not prepared. We also met Spain as our first opponent. It was as if everything was against us, you also saw with Screciu, I waited for him, today he had to leave.

It’s incredible, as if everything happens only to us. Do you think there is still a problem with the contract? It is not a problem. We’ll see what happens.” – the selector Emil Săndoi sent for TVR.

Group B standings

1 Ukraine 6p

2 Spain 3p

3 Croatia 0p

4 Romania 0p

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