April 14, 2024
Muhammad Bello Yabo Biography

As a prominent Islamic scholar and cleric from Yabo local government in Sokoto state, Nigeria, Muhammad Bello Aliyu Yabo is more commonly known as Bello Yabo. Born on 1 January 1962, he is well-recognized for his criticisms of the Muhammad Buhari administration’s handling of the ongoing insecurity crisis in Northern Nigeria, particularly in Zamfara, Sokoto, Kaduna, Katsina, and Niger States.

Education and Career

In his early years, Bello Yabo attended an Islamic school where he was taught the fundamentals of Islam. He later proceeded to Yabo primary school for his primary education and subsequently to Government Day Secondary School. After his formal education, he was appointed as the Special Adviser on Rural Road Maintenance and served as an internal auditor in Dange-Shuni local government, Director of Finance for the Special Hospital Sokoto, Director of Finance for SUDA, and the Ministry of Education Sokoto.

Bello Yabo is an Islamic scholar and cleric who has gained recognition for his criticism of the Nigerian government’s handling of the insecurity crisis in the Northwest region. Despite facing arrests, his advocacy for better security measures and his determination to ensure that the government addresses the people’s concerns have made him a highly influential figure in Northern Nigeria.

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