April 14, 2024
When will Hidroelectrica catch up with the bills

The president of the Hidroelectrica directorate, Bogdan Badea, stated that over a million invoices were issued this week and specified that in a month or two things will go back to normal.

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Bogdan Badea was asked on Friday, in a press conference, what month Hidroelectrica reached with the issuance of invoices and when it will be up to date.

“Very soon we will catch up. The pace of issuance is one that does not put an extremely high pressure on consumers, therefore there is a certain sequence regarding the transmission of invoices. What I can tell you is that this week alone over a million invoices have been issued. From the point of view of technical capacity, we are functional at maximum capacity and at maximum parameters with the new IT systems. It is a matter of commercial order in the relationship with the customers not to put too much pressure, but in a month, two things will practically enter into a normal flow. We hope that there will be no legislative surprises that would put us in the situation of having to implement various things”, said the president of the Hidroelectrica directorate, quoted by news.ro.

On the Facebook groups of Hidroelectrica customers, several people reported that they received the invoices for the consumption related to the months of January, February and March within less than a week.

However, there are also consumers complaining that they have not received their bills for December 2022.

Delays in issuing Hidroelectrica invoices

Hidroelectrica started to provide in January the electricity bills, delayed for the last nine months, and they will be sent at intervals of one week, and not “by the stack” for several months, the president of the Directorate declared at the end of January Hydroelectric, Bogdan Badea.

Hidroelectrica was overwhelmed by the large number of those who moved from other energy suppliers, unable to handle the huge volume of customers, which blocked the billing system.

If the payment amount is too high, people will also be able to pay the bill in installments, but they must submit an application, according to the company. The request can be sent to the email address [email protected] or submitted to the Hidroelectrica offices.

The payment can be staggered in no more than 6 monthly installments of equal amounts, and during the stagger period the current invoices must be paid, together with the staggered installments.

The sample form for the application for household customers is available here and the model form for the application for non-domestic customers is available here.

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